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On April 15, 2010, jointly with Anhui Xingguang Investment Group Ltd., China Yida entered into an Emperor Ming Taizu Cultural and Ecological Resort and Tourist Project Finance Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Anhui Province Bengbu Municipal Government to develop the Ming Dynasty Entertainment World in the southeast part of Bengbu, which covers a total area of approximately 5,000 Mu (approximately 824 acres as 1 acre = 6.07 Mu). China Yida enhanced the tourism strategy from limited management right to ownership, there’s no expiration on management right on this new project. The revenues from Ming Dynasty Entertainment World will include entrance fees, hotel, conference room fees, and entertainment services. In addition, the Company has planned a Ming Dynasty featured shopping street in the Royal Tour Town and expects to generate revenues from commercial real estate rent and maintenance fees. On the Commercial Land, tourism real estate could be planned to generate additional revenues.

Bengbu, located in the rich and populous Changjiang River Delta, is believed to be one of the most important transportation hubs in China given its proximity to the existing Beijing-Shanghai railway and Huai River. The Company expects Bengbu to become very accessible to a population of over 200 million within the 3-hour economic circle. The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Majesty Yuanzhang Zhu, was born in region of Bengbu in 1328. This city has a rich history, with several historical sites related to the Ming Dynasty, including the tomb of Majesty Yuanzhang Zhu's parents.

The Ming Dynasty Entertainment World plans to include Royal Hot Spring World (a resort hotel), Royal Tour Town, Filial Piety Temple and Royal Hunting Garden. The destination will reproduce the royal life of the Ming Dynasty at its height of power and splendor. Management's vision is for visitors to experience the recreational activities of the ancient royal families. The Filial Piety Temple will commemorate his Majesty Yuanzhang Zhu, who embraced the Confucian ideal of filial piety, for respect for parents and ancestors throughout his life and introduced several related laws and policies. This temple, which could be as splendid as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, is expected to serve as an important educational base and contribute other social and economic benefits.

Phase I to be finished by the end of 2012.

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