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At the end of 2003, Hong Kong Yi Tat acquired FETV's advertisement operation and management rights for 12 years. The TV station, established in 1995 and sponsored by Fujian Provincial Department of Education, was a renowned and unique provincial-level professional TV broadcasting institution airing various educational programs as its core content. After one year of reform, in 2004 the TV station was revamped with a new appearance and the station's call signal became "FETV." FETV upheld a new concept of building TV stations and transformed from school education to public education, positioned its brand to become more family-oriented. FETV provides audiences with entertainment and family shows to meet the demand of modern viewers. After the turnaround, FETV gained a good reputation and extensive social support from its audience. Subsequently, FETV's audience rating rose steadily, with its impact gradually strengthened. Its market position jumped from last place in the Fujian provincial TV media rankings, to fourth place with the help of China Yida management. Meanwhile, through innovative operation, FETV became the brand promotion platform for a best cost-effective and flexible combination method, with substantial growth of operation revenue in successive years. In 2010, Fujian Education Media granted to us five years of exclusive management rights for the FETV channel from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2015.

  TV Coverage

To date, among provincial education TV stations, FETV remains the leader in achieving nationwide coverage with nine cities and 48 urban counties), covering a population of more than 30 million. Coverage rate is as high as 92%.

The following diagram is a map of China's Fujian province, and all the red points show the coverage area Yida FETV has penetrated.

Media Advantage

China Yida is the first commercial entity in Fujian to purchase a TV media advertising operation business, such as FETV's. Thus far, FETV is still unique amongst Fujian provincial TV media entities boasting the advantages associated with a flexible system that creates a series of industrial competitive advantages:

A) FETV selects, produces and operates programs based on the market demand in order to effectively raise audience ratings of programs.

B) The Company can overcome bottlenecks associated with conventional media business, maximizing the tolerance of its commercial elements as well as effectively protecting effective integration of advertising operations, programming operations and the various projects.

C) FETV's operations combine TV programs, advertisements, events and other value-added services together to achieve real-time interaction. It can provide clients with its uniquely combined and comprehensive services at all levels, which cannot be done by other conventional TV media entities. This diversified service model offers clients various choices in different types of service packages and provides the "best cost-effective product" unmatched by other media. It can also draw more attention to its differentiated services by realizing the advertisements' effect on its clients. This exclusive high cost-effective model enables FETV to receive client's payment before broadcasting live, which will avoid the operating account receivables and ensure a smooth operation for FETV.

D) Several models of gaining profits include those derived from on-air and off-air operations can all be tested.

E) China Yida has refined its own vertically integrated system allowing FETV to cooperate easily with provincial TV media outside of Fujian Province, as well as those with municipal competitive TV media within the province (such as in Quanzhou and Zhangzhou) or with other media agencies. The type of joint operation allows FETV to cooperate with various types of media and gains a mutual resources sharing advantage achieving the maximum effectiveness of the media.

F) China Yida has the ability to introduce modern enterprise management mechanisms, implement a scientific system of salaries and benefits and realize the principle of "more pay for more work", the system of "survival of the fittest", "put the right person in the right place" and "put talents to full use", thereby creating a strong and focused management team.

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