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Hua’an Tulou Cluster (or the “Earth Buildings” or the “Tulou”)
The Tulou Cluster, composed of large multilayer earth buildings built by ancient wealthy families as their residence, is known for their unique round shape, ingenious structure and oriental mystery. The Tulou Cluster was recognized as part of Fujian Tulou World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008 by UNESCO. In December 2008, we entered into a Tourist Resources Development Agreement with Hua’an County Government. The agreement is effective until 2048.Pursuant to this agreement, we began to develop the Hua’an Tulou tourist destinations with a right of priority to develop other scenic areas in Hua’an County. Hua’an Tulou Cluster requires a total capital input of approximately $7.5 million to put it into infrastructure and facility constructions. The Hua’an Tulou Cluster was closed during the construction and re-opened to the public before the fourth quarter of 2009. Currently, approximately half of its visitors are from overseas, including Taiwan. We expect our revenue to be generated from the sale of entrance ticket fees, fees from rides on tour cars, and food at our restaurants.
Located in Hua'An County, Zhangzhou City of Fujian Province, 20 kilometers from the center of Hua'An County. Adjacent to the major coastal cities of Fujian Province, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, is only a 1.5 hour drive from Xiamen City, one of Fujian’s most famous tourist coastal cities.
Honors and Awards
World Culture Heritage Site

Landscape Resource Conditions

China Hua'An Tulou tourist destination has the unique landscape resources. There're obvious differences compared with the existing well-known tourist destinations in Fujian Province, development advantages are very prominent, specifically in the following areas:
  • Location advantage, adjacent to Zhangzhou and Xiamen.
  • Very rich landscape resources, high-class quality with strong comprehensive conditions.
  • Not only as the source of Tulou, in order to achieve maximum benefits for Hua'An Tulou tourist destination. There're plenty of landscape resources could used to establish Southern Fujian local cultural and tourism base. Hua'An Tie Guanyin tea culture base, town of flowers and fruits, the World's largest planting bamboo test base, the corridor of Huan'An Jade and ornamental stone, Jiulong River scenic zone, Little Tibet of Southern Fujian, all of the resources will help Hua'An Tulou to extend the brand value of World Heritage Site.

As a large-scale comprehensive travel and leisure tourism destination, integrate travel, leisure and vacation into one tourism destination. Plenty of landscapes, rich characteristics, variety of recreation activities, spacious playing zone with strong participation, high-class destination for leisure and vacation. Hence, have the obvious advantages.

Landscape Special Value

Only place with rich landscape and culture resources——the source of Tulou

  • Tulou with long history built vertically.
  • The variety and types of Tulou built horizontally: round, square, oval, Wufeng-shaped, courtyard-shaped, and stone buildings.
  • Cultural representation within the Tulou: the combination of eastern and western cultures, western clock, paintings of naked woman and foreign newspapers, as well as the ancient Chinese classical literature. The culture of Tulou is comparable with Dunhuang murals.
  • The most reasonable places in ancient geomancy, perfectly applied to Chinese Fengshui.
  • Highlight of Hua'An Tulou is the elegant environment that surrounded by mountains and rivers.

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