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Tourism Business - Scenic Spot Operation and Management Services

Service Content
- General management (overall management of the acquired scenic spots in all aspects)
- Special operations (management in some specific area)
- Commissioned management (to output selected management areas to other sites by charging commission fees)
- Investment cooperation
- Consultants

Service Value
- Providing cutting-edge ideas
- Importing unique and advanced management ideas and models
- Introducing outstanding teams
- Introducing established strategic partners
- Improving scenic spots' business incomes
- Promoting the rapid growth of the local tourism economy

Competitive Advantages

Based on the Company's business model consisting of both media and tourism and its growth strategy of scalability and replication, China Yida has the following advantages:

China Yida's own TV station can be fully utilized as a place to educate the public and as a platform to market or promote its own scenic sites, bringing high profile publicity, influence and deeper market penetration for a scenic spot in a short span of time. In turn, this will boost rapid tourism revenue growth resulting in a cost-effectiveness competitive advantage.
With its own TV station, China Yida can promote an array of popular science knowledge, characteristic cultural connotations and reports on special activities to conduct subtle education and publicity through various TV programs. In addition, it also can fully take advantage of TV media by broadcasting feature films of the scenic areas attracting potential consumers.

Upon the acquisition of additional scenic destinations, all scenic sites under Yida management can obtain scalability competitive advantage through the following resource sharing and business interaction:
- Combination of human resources
- Pool of networks and relations
- Sharing of client bases
- Sharing of sale channels
- nformation sharing
- Large-scale procurement
- Joint advertisement promotion

C) The senior management team's knowledge of tourism theory, technical expertise and operation and management experience in world class scenic spots can be constantly replicated into the new scenic spot, creating inherent basic advantages for its successful operation.
- China Yida's CEO has profound knowledge of theory and extensive experience in the tourism industry.
- China Yida's tourism management team was recruited from Wuyi Shan, who transformed Wuyi Shan, a stated-owned money-losing management site, into a profitable tourism attraction.

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