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Yunding Park
On November 27, 2008, China Yida entered into the Tourist Destination Cooperative Development Agreement with the Yongtai County People’s Government in Fuzhou, China. Pursuant to the agreement, the Yongtai government granted us the exclusive right and special authorization to develop tourist destinations in Fuzhou located at Yongtai Beixi and Jiezhukou Lake for 40 years from 2008.
Yunding Park is located approximately 50 kilometer from Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian. In September 2010, we timely announced the grand opening of our Yunding Park to the public. We plan to build the tourism, transportation and entertainment facilities in the Yunding Park , and expect to generate revenue from entrance fees, transportation, catering, shopping and other entertainment activities.
Landscape Resource Conditions
China Yunding tourist destination has the unique landscape resources. There're obvious differences compared with the existing well-known tourist destinations in Fujian Province, development advantages are very prominent, specifically in the following areas:
  • Location advantage, adjacent to the capital city of Fujian Province. Very rich landscape resources, high-class quality with strong comprehensive conditions.
  • 3.5 kilometer-long river valley located in the ancient primordial ecological jungle with large-scale of colorful stones. There's one huge flat brown stone among them, nearly 50,000 square meters big. These resources are very rare in the world, so we called it World's red stone river.
  • 1.5 kilometer-long mountain valley brings almost all variety of falls in China together. These resources are very rare as well.
  • At 1,100 meters above the sea level, mountains have nearly 1,500 acre grasslands. The volcanic landscape with 7,500 million years history, the beautiful Heavenly Lake will never dry up, and the terraced fields in the high mountains. All of these resources are unique and rare near by the major cities of Fujian Province.
  • There're unique culture resources, includes Town of Chinese martial art, former residence of Number one Scholar in ancient China (the only county in the Chinese history with the third reappointment of Number one Scholar), sites of ancient alpine bandit, and ancient village communities etc…

Landscape Special Conditions

  • The total area of Yunding tourist destination is about 48 square kilometers, of which the main scenic zone is about 3 kilometers. Five major scenic spots will be developed and located within the main scenic zone.
  • There's only one scenic route guide into the mountain, it provides natural advantage for the management.
  • In order to become a high-class leisure and vacation tourist destination, the company will build several unique tourist facilities:

A. Build large-scale of parking lot at Entrance, near the border of Yongtai—Putian Road. Parking lot will accommodate 8,000 tourists; all tourists will take tourist shuttle buses into the scenic zone.

B. At the last scenic spot of falls, install three observation elevators (100 meters high), so the tourists will view falls by observation elevators. (In order to protect the ecological environment, the company has supported by Air Force Command, using the helicopters to lift all the elevator equipments and materials for installation)

C. Build cableway on lower river valley (910 meters total length). After taking the cable car to the mountaintop, tourists can take the tourist shuttle bus back to the foot of the mountain.

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