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TV Media Operation Management Services

Service Content
- Channel Operation
- TV Column Program Operations Management
- Advertisement Operation
Service Value
- Sharing of operational resources
- Contributing successful media operations experience
- Leveraging program resources
- Sharing major customer resources
- Increasing media business income
- Experienced management team
Competitive Advantages

Based on the Company's business model consisting of both media and tourism and its growth strategy of scalability and replication, China Yida has the following competitive advantages:

A) China Yida's own scenic spot can be used comprehensively as a TV program production and business-driving (airtime sales promotion) platform, adding more color to TV programs and raising audience ratings. Authoritative images in promoting tourist destinations can also be established to help boost the advertisement business, and at the same time, increase the revenue from the tourism advertisement business creating a cost-effective advantage.

Good audience ratings and advertising popularity is important for TV stations to attract more clients to launch advertisements. Audience ratings depend largely on whether the program content is colorful and popular with its viewers. Advertisement popularity seems to be mainly dependent on the screen image and its advertisers. China Yida's own scenic spot will provide program content for various TV programs. Additionally, the successful promotion of the Company's own scenic spot has played an exemplary role in the TV station's authoritative image of successfully promoting scenic spots. China Yida has attracted many scenic spots and tourism enterprises, including travel agencies and hotels that deliver advertisements on FETV through their professional advertising agent companies. Furthermore, the proportion of time allowed for tourism advertisements on FETV reached 20%, accounting for about 2/3 of the duration of overall tourism advertisement on all the Fujian provincial TV channels.

Upon acquiring the management rights of additional TV stations and with the guidance of China Yida management, each respective TV station can obtain scalable competitive advantages through the following resource sharing and business interactions:

- Combination of human resources
- Pool of networks and relations
- Sharing of client bases
- Sharing of sales channels
- Program resource sharing
- Information sharing
- Large-scale procurement
- Joint advertisement promotions

The senior management team's knowledge of media theory, technical expertise and operation and management experience in TV media can be constantly replicated into new TV stations, creating inherent basic advantages for the new media's successful operation.

- China Yida's Chairman and CEO has extensive experience in media and tourism space providing leadership and strategic direction to drive the business.
- China Yida's media operation and management team was recruited from Fujian News Channel with an impressive record of improving the viewership rank from an emerging television channel to being the No. 2 most viewed channel in Fujian within two years.

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