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Great Golden Lake

The Great Golden Lake is located in Taining County, surrounding Sanming, Nanping of Fujian Province and Nanchang of Jiangxi Province. This tourist attraction covers more than approximately 230 square kilometers, including five main scenic areas: (1) the Golden Lake; (2) Shangqing River; (3) Zhuangyuan Rock; (4) Luohan Mountain; and (5) Taining Old Town.

In 2001, we entered into a tourism management revenue sharing agreement with Taining government, to operate and to manage the Great Golden Lake destination from 2001 through 2032. We initially invested approximately $30 million to improve the infrastructure, and through a well-designed marketing campaign, we have succeeded in increasing the number of the visitors from approximately 30,000 in 2001 to approximately 470,000 in 2010. Currently most visitors to the Great Golden Lake are from Fujian, Shanghai, Guangdong and Jiangxi. With easier transportation and increased marketing, we expect that the Great Golden Lake should be able to attract more visitors from other provinces of China and even foreign countries. Our revenue from the operations of the Great Golden Lake is generated from entrance ticket fees.

The tourist area of The Great Golden Lake, with the reputation of "A hundred miles of lakes and hills, full of fine spirits," contains the most prominent geological landscapes of the Taining Global Geopark. For hundreds of millions of years, the skillful hand of nature shaped the magic and beautiful water Danxia, deep and secluded valley meandering, various mountains and stone pillars and Danxia Caves in various shapes, forming geological masterworks such as the "Grand View Garden of Valley" and the "Cave Museum". According to statistics from the Ministry of Land and Resources, the grand Danxia Lake ranks first out of the 22 "National Key Scenic Spots" characterized by Danxia landform in terms of area, type, development and combination of landscape. This unique water Danxia landform led to the development of many large - scale Danxia caves. Local people have developed unique cultural wonders out of the Danxia caves by taking full advantage of the auspicious geographical conditions: Cave - temple culture by integrating Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, cavern Confucian culture arising from students' hard studies in the caverns of mountains, nomadic culture from the assembly of evacuated people in Danxia caverns and cliff - cavern - burial culture. The Great Golden Lake as recognized as the Global Geopark and part of China Danxia – the World Natural Heritage Site grant by UNESCO in 2005 and 2010, respectively.


The Great Golden Lake tourist area is located at the junction of three cities of two provinces (Fujian and Jiangxi), and is adjacent to five counties (Shaowu, Jiangle, Mingxi, Jianning, Lichuan). The county is 76 kilometers from Shaowu (a hub station of the Yingxia Railway), 78 kilometers from Shaxian Airport (under construction), highway express from Mount Wuyi to The Great Golden Lake with a total distance of 91 kilometers), 176 kilometers from the regional centre - Sanming, 184 kilometers from Nanping, 305 kilometers from Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, 260 kilometers from Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. The Beijing - Fuzhou high-speed railway run through the county and a train interchange operates three kilometers from the scenic spot.

Honors and Awards
- Global Geopark
- World Natural Heritage Site
- Key National Scenic and Historic Interest Spot
- National AAAA - class tourism area
- National Forest Park
- National Geological Park
- One of "China's Top Ten Charming Towns"
- One of the "Top 50 Places Worth Visiting for Foreigners"
- One of the "Seven Most Beautiful Danxia in China"
- One of the "One Hundred Classic Red Scenic Spots"

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