Management Team
Board of Directors and Audit Committee Members

Co-founder Chief Financial Officer Vice President
Chen Minhua, Ph.D.
Fan Yanling
Lin Yongxi
Yan Liping
Huo Jinghua
Chen Xiaoxing
Laihong Wang

Chen Minhua, Ph.D. Co-founder, Chairman and CEO  Dr. Chen has served as Chairman and CEO of China Yida since 2001. He has extensive experience in the media industry and held senior positions in the journalism industry, including being CEO of the newspaper “HK-Taiwan Information”. He is also a part-time professor at the Tourism College of Fujian Normal University, a tutor for postgraduates, vice president of Fujian Provincial Tourism Institute and vice president of the Fujian Advertisement Association. In 2005, he published a research paper called “General Theory of Tourism and Chinese Traditional Culture”, which has been adapted by the Tourism College of Fujian Normal University to become one of its undergraduate text books. Dr. Chen received several national and provincial prizes, including one of “The Ten Most Distinguished Persons of the Fujian Economy in 2006”. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in 2005.

Fan Yanling Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer  Ms. Fan has served as Chief Operating Officer of China Yida since 2001. She is responsible for the operations of the company. Ms. Fan is a journalist by background and was a radio anchor before joining Dr. Chen and moving into the media industry and co-founding the business. From 1995 to 2001, she was the COO of the holding company driving the advertising and tourism businesses. She has served as General Manager of Hong Kong Yitat International Investment Co., Ltd, General Manager of Fujian Golden Lake Economy and Trading (Tourism) Development Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Fujian Education and Broadcasting Media Co., Ltd since 2000. In 2005, she was honored with the titles: “Fujian Splendid Woman” and “Advanced Worker of the Advertisement Industry in Fuzhou”. Ms. Fan received her MBA in 2002.

Lin Yongxi Chief Financial Officer  Mr. Lin has served as the Financial Controller of China Yida since 2003, served as CFO on January 1, 2012. He has extensive financial experience working at large-scale enterprises in Fujian province. Previously, Mr. Lin served as the Chief Financial Director at Fujian Furi Group Co., Ltd, and was also an accountant for China Fujian International Economic and Technological Cooperation Company. Mr. Lin is a Certified Public Accountant in China, and is a professional member of the CICPA. He received his BA in Accounting in 1994.

Yan Liping Vice President, Tourism Division  Mr.Yan has served as the Head of the Tourism Division at China Yida since 2005. He oversees all aspects of the Company’s tourism business, including the acquisition, development, management and operation of the scenic parks. Previously, he was the CEO of Wuyi Shan Tourism Administration, responsible for the management of the Wuyi Shan scenic spot, which was named as an example of World Class Natural and Cultural Heritage by the United Nations. Mr. Yan received his BA in 1985, and is a qualified business administration economist, company cultural administrator, national professional manager (Class 2) and ISO 9000 external auditor in China.

Huo Jinghua Vice President, Media Division  Mr. Huo has served as the Head of the Advertising Division at China Yida since 2005. He oversees all aspects of the Company’s advertisement division, including formulating and executing the promotional programs for China Yida’s scenic parks and the selling and managing of advertisement airtime for the education TV channel. Previously, Mr. Huo served as the deputy general manager of the Fujian TV News Channel, one of the most popular channels in Fujian. Prior to that, he worked as a writer, program representative and director of the Program Department at a local media company. Mr. Huo received his BA in 1994.

Chen Xiaoxing  Vice President, Business and Partnership Development  Ms. Chen has served as the Head of Business and Partnership Development since 2005. She is responsible for formulating and executing business development programs and exploring strategic partnership opportunities. Ms. Chen has previously served as the assistant to the chairman and the chief director of the HR department since 2004. Prior to that, she served as the senior marketing manager of Tsingtao Beer Co., Ltd. for two years. Ms. Chen received her BA in 1998 and E-MBA in 2007, and is a national professional manager (Class 2).

Laihong Wang  Vice President, General Manager of Marketing Center  Mr. Wang has served as the Vice President, responsible for the marketing of our tourism destinations. Mr. Wang has over 20 years experience in the tourism industry and a strong track record of success marketing tourism destinations in China. Prior to joining China Yida, he was General Manager of Zhejiang Hengdian World Studios Co., Ltd since 2003, responsible for the integrated marketing of “Hengdian”, a 5A tourism destination in Zhejiang Province.

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