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China Yida Holding Co. (Nasdaq: CNYD) ("China Yida" or "Company") is a diversified entertainment enterprise focused on China’s media and tourism industries, headquartered in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. Our core business strategy is centered on the combination of tourism and media.

Our tourism segment develops, operates, manages and markets domestic tourist destinations, including natural, cultural, and historical tourist destinations and theme parks. This segment also creates / designs and constructs new tourist concepts, attractions and properties for our tourist destinations. We currently have three destinations that are open to the public. They are (i) the Great Golden Lake tourist destination (the “Great Golden Lake”, titled with Global Geopark and the part of China Danxia – a World Natural Heritage Site granted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”)) in Taining County, Fujian, (ii) Yunding Recreational Park (a large-scale recreational park, or the “Yunding Park”) in Yongtai County, Fujian, and (iii) Hua’An Tulou cluster (or the “Earth Buildings” or the “Tulou”, part of Fujian Tulou – a World Cultural Heritage Site granted by UNESCO) in Hua’An County, Fujian. And we also currently have three other destinations that are under the construction and expected to grand open in the end of 2012, which represents our commitment to expanding our business operations by applying our current business model to the development of other valuable tourist destinations throughout China. These include, (i) Ming Dynasty Entertainment World (“Ming Dynasty Entertainment World”), a theme park style destination located in Bengbu, Anhui, (ii) the China Yang-sheng (Nourishing Life) Paradise (“Yang-sheng Paradise”), a theme park style destination featuring a rare salt water hot spring located in Zhangshu, Jiangxi, and (iii) the City of Caves (“City of Caves”), an underground natural attraction located in Xinyu, Jiangxi.

Our advertisement segment provides operating management services including channel, column and advertisement management for the TV channels and other digital media. These include the operation and management of a domestic television channel and outdoor on-train programming. This segment manages the content and re-sells airtime to advertisers and agencies for the television channel, and produces the content for outdoor on-train programming. We currently operate and manage the Fujian Education Television Channel (“FETV”), a province wide television channel in Fujian, and the “Journey through China on the Train” programming (or the “Railway Media”) on China’s high-speed railway networks.

From our accomplishments, we have formulated and refined systematic management theories and business models, accumulated abundant operations and management knowledge, and produced an experienced management team. Going forward, we plan to replicate our strategy and business model in popularizing additional media channels and tourist destinations all over China.


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