Management Team
Board of Directors and Audit Committee Members
- On March 9, 2011, China Yida appointed Mr. Laihong Wang, former General Manager of Hengdian Dongyang Studio Tourism Marketing Company, as head of our newly formed tourism marketing center. Several other senior managers from Hengdian also joined China Yida.
- On December 1, 2010, China Yida announced that it has reopened Shangqing River tourism site to public after the serious flooding disaster in Taining Couty.
- Yunding Recreational Park opened to the public on September 28, 2010, in time to be able to attract peak visitor traffic during the National Holiday.
- On August 1, 2010, Fuzhou Fuyu Advertising Co., Limited ("Fuyu"), entered into a Fujian Education Television Channel Project Management Agreement with Fujian Education Media Limited Company. Fujian Education Media granted to the Company five years of exclusive management rights for the FETV channel from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2015.
- EffectiveJune 1, 2010, we entered into a Jiangxi Province Fenyi County Tourist Resources Development Agreement with Fenyi County People’s Government,the local government shall grant to us a 40-year exclusive right to develop, operate and manage the tourism project – City of Caves.
- On April 18, 2010, we entered into the China Yang-sheng (Nourishing Life) Tourism Project Finance Agreement with Jiangxi Province Zhangshu Municipal Government.
- On April 15, 2010, we and Anhui Xingguang Investment Group Ltd. jointly entered into the Ming Dynasty Entertainment World Tourism Project Finance Agreement with Anhui Province Bengbu Municipal Government.
- China Yida received approval to list its common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market on December 4, 2009, expects to begin trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market with a new ticker symbol “CNYD” on December 7, 2009.
- In February 2009, we entered into a six-year exclusive agreement with China Railway Media Center to create "Journey through China on the Train" infomercial programs.
- In November 2008, we entered into the Tourist Destination Cooperative Development Agreement with Yongtai County Government effective until 2048, to develop, operate and manage the tourism project – Yunding Recreational Park.
- On March 7, 2008, China Yida received private investment from six investment companies headed by a U.S. Company Pope Asset Management.
- In November, Hong Kong Yi Tat completed a reverse merger with Intelisys Aviation Systems of America and listed for trade on the U.S. Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board via its ticker: CYID. At the same time, Hong Kong Yi Tat also changed its name to China Yida Holding Company.
- In July, Fuzhou Fuyu Advertising Co., Ltd was established and undertook all the businesses of the original Fujian Jiaoguang Media Co., Ltd.
- FETV became one of the top 4 education television channels nationwide after two years of revision and adjustment.
- The Great Golden Lake scenic spot officially opened as a geological park, winning a new world-class tourism name for Fujian Province after Mount Wuyi had by that time been included in the list of "World Natural and Cultural Heritages".
- Fujian Jiaoguang Media Co., Ltd officially began its operations.
- Viewership rankings of FETV, operated by Fuzhou Fuyu Advertising Co., Ltd. (or Fuyu Advertising), jumped from the last position to the top four in the 11 provincial-level media in Fujian Province. Additionally, Fujian provincial-level market coverage increased from 27% to 92%.
- The Great Golden Lake scenic spot successfully obtained the title of "World Geological Park."
- Fujian Jiaoguang Media Co., Ltd. was established and Fujian Education Television was completely reorganized with its station's call signal changing to "FETV".
- The Great Golden Lake began operations as a "World Geological Park".
- Hong Kong Yi Tat acquired FETV's advertising operational and management rights for 12 years.
- Facing the severe challenges of SARS and drought, Jintai Company exclusively sponsored and undertook two events titled "100 Anti-SARS Warriors' Trip to The Great Golden Lake" and "China Guinness - Fujian's Great Golden Lake Mountain Cross-Country Challenge." Following the success of these two events, the site of the Great Golden Lake started to become more well-known across China.
- Jintai Company officially entered into operation as a prelude to brand innovation for The Great Golden Lake and an image boost for this scenic spot for tourists.
- At the striking China 9E8 Investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen, Hong Kong Yi Tat and the Taining government officially signed the contracts to transfer the operating rights of The Great Golden Lake scenic spot for 31 years, while Fujian Jintai Tourism Developments Co., Ltd was established.
- Hong Kong Yi Tat International Investment Limited was established.

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